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Stoma Forum is a specialist dental clinic. We realize that some people are anxious about a visit to the dentist, so we do our best to make you feel comfortable, in a relaxed informal atmosphere.


From the smallest filling to solving complex dental problems, you will always find a sympathetic ear. We start by getting to know you and helping you overcome any worries you may have about dental care. Our aim is to discover your own particular dental needs and help you keep all your teeth, all your life.
We provide a wide range of services


All of our dentists are able to provide comprehensive care. However, if a specific problem requires specialist treatment, the services are available within our practice to ensure you receive seamless treatment.

Great care is taken in selecting our dentists and specialists to ensure that as well as having the clinical expertise and the empathetic qualities you would expect, they are committed to providing you with the highest standards of treatment and care.


One of the advantages of our service at our clinic is that both the specialists and dentists are available on the same site and can provide comprehensive patient care. There are endodontists for root treatment, oral surgeons, periodontists for gum treatment, orthodontists for correcting teeth, prosthodontists for crown and bridges and dental implant specialists. These are in-house recources that our dentists can refer to when certain treatments require specialist care.


We offer the latest types of cosmetic dentistry treatment and care, including teeth whitening and tooth-coloured restorations.


Hygienist visits are an important part of the ongoing and routine care of all patients. It is essential that your gums are maintained in good condition, so part of your preventive dental care is time spent with one of our dental hygienists. As well as scaling and cleaning your teeth and giving dietary advice, your hygienist will encourage you to look after your teeth and gums in the correct manner at home.

In addition we provide children dental care and Stoma X-ray for dentists. See our Personnel and Price list (in Finnish).

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